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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Secularism: Another face of Masonic Lodges? PART SIX

By Naveed Tajammal

After the creation of a secular state in new Turkey, a far cry from the original territorial boundaries of old Turkey. The western powers had gradually insured this issue, since the turn of tide in1683, and destruction of Janissaries, in 1826. The tanzimats or reforms of 1839 & 1856, and setting up of 1500, western-run schools & colleges, and enforcing that the old mektab & madrassah educational should stagnant. By virtue of this vaccum, and no counter argument to oppose the new ideas, as preached by these new masters of western schools, doubts and confusions were created, and hence emerged a new breed called the Kamalists. Younger generation were by an engineered educational policies told that ,their mode of education and religion were the cause of their lagging behind, in the world spheres, the main hurdle in the path of progress, The same story is being repeated here in Pakistan, the two enlightened factions, within the Turkish Empire the Jews & Christians ensured this ,objective being to uproot the Islamic order & its educational system of mektab & madrassah and with it the code of life. Supplemented by a new dress, insignia, culture and a script for the old TURK, all for the grounds ,that it was a requirement for modernization.

The axe, fell on the Dervish Orders and the office of Sheikh-ul- Islam, and the Code of Shariat ,in the courts ,was also dispensed with, and the religion declared a private matter, religious teaching was prohibited, except in the family, The areas, most effected, were urban, here, the party officials enforced the writ of the state, so in these early days, with the cream of TURKS dead, vigor lost, the mosques became deserted ,much to the joy of Christians and secular Eastern Turkey and western were two different worlds, even in the new boundaries of this secular state as late as 1955,when Adnan Menderes, as the Prime Minister came heavily on the Jews and Christians of only Istanbul ,for which he lost his head,eventually.150,000.Greeks and allied races dominated the trade of this city which was,the cause of economic failure of new democratic government.

After the implementation of 1924 constitution, a Director of Religious Affairs (DINYANET ISHLERI MUDURLUGU) was set up ,to control all religious activity in the state, all mullahs ,khitabs and imams, were registered and to preach Islam, a government license, was a must ,under the new policy of rules. If any body was found preaching contrary to the guide line, he was to be penalized as per the new law.

In Nov 1924, a law was enforced ,by which all were to wear western dress, and in lieu ,of the turban or fez, the, ‘HAT’, was introduced. In Feb,1926,in place of Shariat, came the Swiss Code.In1928 Article no.2 of the Constitution, ‘The religion of Turkish State, is Islam’ was deleted.In August,1928,MustaphaKamal, introduced the final blow to uproot the past, the introduction of the roman script in lieu of the perso-arabic script.

The outcome of these mad ventures was, that in absence of any moral control over the new generation, as well the elders, drink, gambling and other vices became rife ,things went from bad to worse ,the new modern government, perforce had to take some action. During the month of February 1946,the debate took place in the parliament ,when all members of both the parties, spoke in favor of some moral or religious instructions in schools.

The most glaring and unfortunate part of this modernization was that, after undergoing a 20 years ban, on religious teachings, ‘THERE WERE NO INSTRUCTORS QUALIFIED TO TEACH THE LESSONS OF ISLAM,’IN THE OLD CALIPHATE OF ISLAM courtesy the Kamalist zealots.By the end of 1940′s,the government had realized that the vacuum in the Turks was reaching the limits. A need for spiritual guidance was required, the most sad part of all was that till 1950.or before Adnan Menderes came to power, the azan (the call to prayer).as per the orders of the founder of new Secular Turkey the “Attaturk’, was given only in Turkish.”TANGRI ULUG DIR, TEK DIR’ had taken place of ‘ALLAH HO AKBAR,ALLAH HO AKBAR”(Allah is greatAallah is one).

The new government in 1950,only 12 years after the death of Attaturk,in 1938,had made it mandatory in all schools, to teach the Holy Quran, and religious training schools ,for the imams called, IMAM OKULARI, were established .Even though the Kamalist in the army ensured that the French :LYCEE. system was not abolished, in the educational set ups. But, in 1951, the teaching of Arabic had also become obligatory for all schools, thus ended to some extent the secular education.

The realization had dawned unto the modern Turkish statesmen ,and thank Allah for that, ‘MAN CANNOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE AND THERE IS A SPHERE OF LIFE INTO WHICH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CANNOT PENETRATE”. Earlier in 1949,only 11 years after the death of attaturk, the faculty of divinity ,The only institution of its kind in the then Islamic world had been set up. Which taught, the study of Islam ,its principles ,and history ,along with a study of comparative religions. The revival process had started by men like Adnan Menderes ,in the forefront, and he eventually gave his head for the cause. he it was who had challenged the dogma’s of a secular army led state .The same Turk ,in the first ever fair elections, in Turkey, gave a thumping 408 seats to the democrats of Menderes .Out of a house of 487 seats, the first step of new government was the amendment in the Article 526, of the Penal Code, which forbid the AZ AN, as had been stated earlier ,in any language other than Turkish. The ban on Programmes and the recitations of the HOLY QURAN, the radio was introduced ,as was it introduced in the schools ,in those days ,the busts and statues of attaturk too had been vandalized.

So we see what a harm a small elite, led by fools ,can do to a nation .entrenched by powers. The final aim of these articles spread over seven series ,was to thread to gather, very briefly the past of once glorious Muslim Empire led by capable men and statesmen .and its fate in the hands of secular lot. It should be an eye opener for those in Pakistan, who unaware of our past, roots, culture, insignia and language propagate a secular state for us. They all are products of the western English medium schools, which has cut them off from the ground realities. Like aliens they live in Pakistan and sound like his master’s voice ,the mind set of those who are not sincere to our state and religion . Through the print as well the visual media are subverting the mindset of our newer generation,our dress, insignia, and language. Courtesy this lot are being changed, all in a slogan for modernization ,and moving towards a better civilization, which itself is in a mental vacuum .Though economically strong ,the fate of Union Jack or the British who got all changes done is in front of us, only 63 years back-the sun never set in this Empire,as in one part of the world the British flag was lowered in the other it arose with the sunrise. and today it is a Empire no more !!

The analogy of turkey, was given primarily because of our very old association with the Turk ,in the historical sense as well ,the actual home land of the Turks ,is still ,attached with our northern boundary, the area now called’’ Sinkiang’’ ,however, it is the old ‘’Altia sheher’ or the six cities, or what was the old Turan, the land of AFRIASAB ,the historical khaqan of the Turks ,and the ruler of Kashghar or the old URDU KAND.


(The writer has over 26 years of experience in investigative historical research).

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