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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time to End Military Occupation of Middle East:Gordon Duff

Time to End Military Occupation of Middle East

Even Imaginary Enemies Can Get Tired
Gordon Duff

(This is a cross post from Veteran News USA)

For the last decade, America has been shuffling its entire military, including hundreds of thousands of private contractors, in and out of the Middle East on little more than a “snipe hunt.” Time for a reality check. Iraq never attacked the US. Reports say Al Qaeda may have fewer than 30 men in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has been asking for a cease fire for months. Turkey and Brazil negotiated a nuclear deal with Iran ending any possible threat, one we strangely, very strangely ignored. “Thermo-nuclear Israel’s” continual whining and manipulation is wearing thin. America’s economy, her Army and her suffering veterans demand an end to our Bush era phony war.

General Petraeus is now in Afghanistan. The endless games, paying the Taliban for security, protecting drug dealers and propping up a failed dictatorship can come to an end. OK, some news; the Taliban is sick of the war and ready to settle. The only thing keeping the war going is the Karzai brothers and their business partners. They aren’t worth it, they aren’t America’s allies, they are hated in Afghanistan and they need to be ‘retired’ to the south of France. I suspect they will be able to live quite well, no financial help needed.

Iran isn’t the problem, it never was. Since the 1960s, America has been running interference for Israel’s territorial ambitions. They are now occupying part of Egypt, Jordan and Syria and what had been 4 million Muslim and Christian residents of Palestine are now 1.5 million Gaza detainees and 2.5 million refugees. Iran had already agreed to a proposal from Turkey and Brazil that would have gotten rid of any nuclear material that may have been used for a weapon, a “workable” deal that seems to have been opposed only because it is preventing a war that Israel wants.

Of course, Israel wants to attack Iran while hundreds of thousand of American troops are standing by. America’s occupation of the Middle East has proven to be a destabilizing influence for sure, making war on a whim attractive, a war really being fought as in Afghanistan over money, always oil and gas, drugs or arms profiteering. Without America’s military power, her ability to project force in the Middle East, a capability put in place after the first Gulf War, history might be very different.

With 75% of Guantanamo detainees winning release based on illegal detention, even under almost whimsical “rules of war” now in place, we are getting a new look at a decade of deception and even treason. Information is even leaking out indicating that the first Gulf War may have been grossly misrepresented with Kuwait now beginning to no longer be a victim but rather part of a partnership gone bad. The first invasion may be just as bogus as the second were it not for a better deception plan and the competent plotting of the elder Bush compared to his bungling son.

What has really happened is that America has spun out of control with one “lobby” after another banding together into a phony political front that wants nothing but endless war. America’s most powerful lobby is the Israeli’s, myth makers and storytellers peddling biblical prophesy to the rednecks, terror scares to the American Jewish community that controls over 40% of the nation’s wealth and “Islamophobia” to the rest of the country over the controlled news and entertainment industry. Do we begin to mention how our corrupt electoral process has made any honest discussion of this problem political suicide for any genuinely “American” candidate?

Did we forget the oil lobby? Why do you think war with Iran is being pushed? The second the attack begins, the Straits of Hormuz are closed, oil prices skyrocket and oil company profits quadruple just like they did during the last wars. How do you think low oil demand, low oil prices and the doubled price of gasoline came about? Last week we learned that BP, the company famous for destroying the Gulf of Mexico, ordered the British government to free the “Lockerbie Bomber.” Consider that only a peek at the real power the oil companies have over our governments.

What used to be the “military/industrial complex” has gone well beyond that. With many financial institutions now deeply into ownership of intelligence and “black-ops” companies that make up much of America’s defense capabilities, we haven’t simply privatized war, we have privatized war policy.

Using the term “Middle East” is, in itself, a deception. The Mediterranean is an American lake. The Indian Ocean is being treated as a war “front.” Europe, from Britain to Germany to Italy and into Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, exists as little but a staging area for operations against what could be 30 terrorists. American bases dot each of these countries, continually expanded and new ones added to every day. Even the Black Sea is being “occupied,” with warships and ringed with bases.

Has the United States established exactly what its strategic interests are in the region? Oil is flowing freely as is heroin. Money is flowing into the region by the plane load and back out, into banks in Dubai, Tel Aviv and Switzerland. Is $500 billion a year being spent to defend Israel from invasion by, well, we aren’t sure? What is being spent to secure Israel, or empower Israeli recklessness, is nearly one third of America’s entire budget. Wouldn’t it simply be cheaper to give Israel the United States or do they own it already?

(Gordon Duff Senior Editor Veteran News, USA).


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  2. i totally agree with Duff observations.It is well understood that USA is playing at the hands of israeli lobby.What ever you see happening in the middle east and now south east asia is at the behest of israel.Even the terrosism in Pakistan is funded by Israel and India.If there could be some more sane voices in USA like Duff, there may be a little chance for positive change in USA policies towards our region.

  3. Gordon Duff has raised many points here.I will focus on Iran.
    The recently freed Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri said on Thursday that the United States had threatened to transfer him to Israel.Amiri was abducted by CIA agents in Saudi Arabia in June 2009 while on an umrah pilgrimage and taken to the United States. Amiri took refuge at the Iranian Interests Section in the Pakistani Embassy in Washington on Monday.

    Amiri said he was harshly interrogated by U.S. agents, and added that some interrogators from the Zionist regime were even present during some of the interrogation sessions.

    Is this NOT enough proof that Jews run US economy & policies?

  4. Mr Gordon Duff has correctly pierced through s fog of "self righteousness" created by US & pinpoints to the truth:Greed . That is the truth behind US policies. Not JUST Zionist interests,though that too,is a big part of the act.But not the whole picture. Like Duff says:Oil & Heroin are freely flowing!
    US had been less interested in waging the 'war on drugs' than in using drug traffickers and affiliated warlords as allies to support its short-term Afghan strategy. In doing so, the US re-enacted a strategy largely used during the Cold War, notably in AfghanistanHad the US cracked down on opium production and drug traffickers during its new war on terrorism in Afghanistan, it would have alienated intelligence sources and strategic allies in the country.
    Ironically, it was the ousting of the Taliban, immediately after their successful 2000/01 prohibition on cultivation, that has made such a resurgence possible and the magnitude of the increase in production can be partly attributed to the economic consequences of the ban itself, which was almost certainly economically and politically unsustainable.

    How much oil are we talking about? Even after years of embargo, occupation, and civil war that weakened its production capacity, Iraq was the third-biggest producer in OPEC in January, according to the trade journal Petroleum Economist. The 2.45 million barrels it pumped every day, on average, would have brought in roughly $172 million—every day. In another three or four years, now that development contracts have been agreed with several major Western oil companies, that production could double, racking up income on the order of $125 billion a year.And that doesn't even begin to calculate the billions in revenue from largely untapped natural gas deposits.
    So yes Duff...Bull's Eye!

  5. A very serious and cogent insight in to the present scenario in the Middle and a little further East.

    There is a clear lobby that would like Iran to be attacked. They seem to forget how the Iranian fought for 8 years against Iraq supported by the West. America may cause a very serious damage to the infrastructure and oil installations throughout Iran but will find her tenacious fighter. Much more tenacious than Iraq and Afghanistan put together.

    Attack on Iran will bring a total collapse of world economy and capitalistic system. A chaos and anarchy will prevail. America will have no option but revert to its citadel. It shall not enjoy safety as it had since extermnating the real habitants of that land. There will be fear of the unknown. Its effects are not difficult to visualise.

    The unending desire of those wishing to have windfall profit through the incresed cost of black gold will not be fulfilled as it will last for long. There will be little production in the entire area. Whatever may there be it will not pass through the Hurmuz.

    There will be wide spread mass scale unemployment. That will be attributed to America.

    I would suggest please listen to the sensible advice of an American who can only have good wishes for his country.

  6. Dear Friends
    I have been based in USA for 32 years. I have been reading articles on this blog but this is the first time I am contributing.
    Whereas, most feel, that America is deliberately doing things in the world,let me share,there is a genuine feeling in USA,the general American,that bad things are happening from your part of the world and ifluencing our part of the world.This may or may not be true,because the common man on the street is not a POLICY MAKER.
    But percetions can create realities.
    IF these perceptions are untrue,we never see,in the local media,anything about YOUR point of view.And I am talking mainstream media here.
    I will strongly request frends reading this,to correct the perceptions by developing a strong PRO PAKISTAN LOBBY in USA.

  7. This is a blunt,no holds barred write up.
    I would like to share here a link from Wall Street Journal. USA apparantly feelsIran may attack Iraq once it goes nuclear.
    Read & comment:

  8. @Laila: Conpiracy Theories have no dimension..Why would Iran now attack Iraq? when Iranians prcatically made it possible for US & Allied Forces to March into Iraq and pull down and strangulate Saddam Hussain. Iran has already acheived her objective of weakening Iraq's Military might..

  9. PIty that UNO uploaded with so called Fathers of Human Rights and Civil Liberties turning away their Faces, tightly shuting their eyes on their heads and of their minds, their lips zipped locked and their ears stuffed with wax from what is clearly GENOCIDE. By pulling all threads holding humanity togeteher they are pulling apart civilization especially in our region..This world must be safe for civilization abd must not be free for the Monster & Allies to prowl the world unapposed. In the name and falsehood theory of so called Civil liberties and rights they intrude and intervene to bring souveriegnities into their captivity. Now failing miserably and shamlessly on their technology how far they can continue to do so..They had their brains knocked out by themselves thereafter concieving that braindaed doctrine of Shock & Awe and blood for oil on falshood of WMDs.
    High time the world must be now made safer for civilization and its Peace must be planted, transplanted and transformed on Trusted Foundations of real genuine social political and exconomic rights & liberties. The mosnster must be roped and slinged to respect sanctity and Souveriegnty of all nation states.

  10. A fine article. Men must be guided by the age old principles of love, freedom & justice for all and environment. War itself is a pollution meant to eradicate other pollutions, and no more, just like a storm on land and sea. But to feed greed and the extraneous short term gains as against the truly civilised and humane efforts is to perpetuate inequity leading to corruption and more unrest than the initial attempt to correct that by war. Humans have to become sensible and sincere to themselves or the future is fraught with upheavels & lawlessness by bigotted state & stateless actors, who may take upon themselves to challenge the established mores of failed diplomacy and failed communication.
    Time waits not and wasted time is the greatest crime. So grapple not but firmly grasp affairs to establish peace on sound justiceable basis. Let not doubt put shackles around prompt settlement of outstanding conflicts for conflicts do give birth to other conflicts and the cycle of violence is maintained. War industry, oil conglomerates, resource exploitation trade & business must be managed and not allowed to become the reason for their self-perpetuation on account of greed. Essentially, all people MUST NOT LOSE FOCUS ON THE CORE PRINCIPLES OF HONESTY & TRUTH, JUSTICE TEMPERED BY LOVE, HUMAN FREEDOM, which means right CHARACTER, DIGNITY & RESPONSIBILITY OF MAN TO HIMSELF & HIS ENVIRONMENT. Where is Mr McGovern? Where is Mr Blair? Anyone? What's left to itself degenerates & the problems of the world, particularly the mid-east, have been left to themselves.
    Salute to GORDON DUFF & the likes of him who can see all colours in the rainbow and think beyond themselves or their parochial interests.

  11. Dear ID & Tanvir ji
    1=We cannot completely overlook mr Mustafa's mail/input &
    2-Is not Mr Duff's article facts mixed with fantasy?

  12. The problem is that terrorism has developed roots in Pakistan. It is from here that it is exported to Afghanistan.Agreed, Zia went along with USA to create the Mujahideen. But it is not a fact that subsequent governments have nurtured them to use them in Kashmir? Have we forgotton the terrorist attack on Marriot Mumbai?
    Afghanistan continues to be destabilised because of Pakistan.Why would America want another Islamophobic country nuclear armed please?
    Would the Pakistanis please put their house in order before blaimng the US?
    No offence meant here.

  13. Gordon Duff,has indeed given a in-depth background,as well a report of the Blunders of the sole super power,which has taken on herself the task of setting the world in order,as per her perceptions,which are based on the think-tanks,
    funded and run on a directive of a Tiny State, conceived by the British,by virtue of a Declaration, called as 'Balfour Declaration',presented to Lord Rothschild(red shield) on 02 November 1917,in view of pressing Financial constraint on the Bank of England,because of the world war,it was stated in text,that it was also for the information of Zionist Federation,that such a plan had been decided by the then sole world power,(the Britts),
    in which the sun never set,however the state came into being on 14 may 1948, from that day to-date the world, has lost the sense of peace,
    But should one read the brief text of the Balfour Declaration and the equally brief commentary ,it seems it has Not been implemented in Letter & spirit.

  14. @Laila: FACTS OR FANTASY...who knows? but Truth about the real value of their inhuman technology is being revealed and veiles are atlast quite fallen from Eyes of those warmongers who slay humans and make war for Trade...

  15. Following the September 11 attacks in the United States, believed to be orchestrated by Osama bin Laden, who at the time was residing in Afghanistan under asylum, the United States launched Operation Enduring Freedom. This major military operation was aimed at removing the Taliban government from power and to capture or kill al Qaeda members. Following the overthrow of the Taliban, the U.S. supported the new government of Afghan President Hamid Karzai by maintaining a high level of troops to establish the authority of his government as well as combat Taliban insurgency.The U.S., along with others in the international community, currently provides resources and expertise to Afghanistan in a variety of areas, including humanitarian relief and assistance, capacity-building, security needs, counter-narcotic programs, and infrastructure projects. The U.S. also supports the Afghan Government in its efforts to establish a framework for a vibrant civil society, one that emphasizes democratic principles through a rule of law and creates accountable and transparent forms of government.US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton TODAY,announced more than $500 million worth of development projects for Pakistan that focus on improving water storage, the energy sector, food exports and medical facilities.

    The aid, which is the part of a $7.5-billion five-year development package passed by the US Congress last year, aims at improving the US image in Pakistan, a key ally in the fight against terrorism.
    We have always helped the underdeveloped nations.Yet we are the first to get castigated for anything going wrong in the world.
    Does not America have aright to look after its borders,lives of Americans &stopping terrorist attacks on her soil?
    Gordon Duff? Any replies here?

  16. And no offence taken,''Shehkar',but could you please elucidate,as what is your Terrorist outfit ,RSSS,and your armed forces,doing to the Caged one billion indians ??remember your previous, masters had given your lot, a state on a platter,with all the
    paraphernalia' needed to run a ideal state, we got a raw deal,we started from Ground Zero,but ours was the rebirth,so,we arose like phoenix from the ashes,but what has your Elite done other then a Bollywood,and leasing out submarines and battleships from RUSSIA,or concentrating wealth as always in a few hands,beside siphoning out 1.5 trillion dollars to the Swiss Accounts,or putting up 750,000 armed men to guard our part of pakistan,miscalled kashmir of the traitor Sh.abdullah's progeny a lackey of indians,who in cahoots with your brahmans kill our people in kashmir by hundreds daily,your lot has put Dams on our rivers, to strangulate our water resources and yet your whining to the world never ceases,but what are your army engineers doing in Afghanistan ?? building what ? what are your council-ates, opened along our western borders doing sending flowers or fruit to Pakistan,what Bombay?, it was your own planning and execution,using stooges,are you aware of IWT 1960, or are you new on the desk ? where ever you are located,if the same people of Kashmir a integral part of pakistan,come out to demand their rights you brand them as terrorists, it would not be wrong to say that the very word ''terrorist' starts and ends ,with India & Israel,remember it was your military laboratories,which created the 'suicide jackets' for use by your agencies led war in sri lanka.
    did i miss anything here, and if i did take it as no offence intended but a simple very brief narration of facts.

  17. A Good 'synoptic' review of the american forward policies,well done Gordon Duff.

  18. With Jews handling the world media, what else can you expect ?

  19. I think Idress,gave a correct analysis,of the article by Gordon Duff -I tend to agree with him.

  20. Responding to Mark,
    Mark, there isn't an idea expressed in your comment based on anything but spin, mythology and storytelling. Whether you wish to discuss drug eradication, Karzai Incorporated or Israel's role with India in military actions based in Afghanistan...against Iran...Pakistan and even have missed every "reality based" point possible. It is best you consider how you have become so dangerously misinformed.

  21. Mr Gordon Duff
    It is better if you take up a pecific point,present counter FACTS rather than dismiss the other person's argument. It goes both ways!
    Kindly check out the links:

  22. Gordon Duff is right when he states, that the oil companies play a lead role in power politics of the countries,look what was the fate of Tudeh party in iran,the old name of BP was ''ANGLO-PERSIAN OIL COMPANY' that was in 1909, not much has changed since then has it ? poor DR.MOSSADEGH got the axe.

  23. A question for Gordon Duff, if he would care to answer:
    In light of the current scenario, a)Do U think Israel WILL attack Iran in near future & b)How & where do you see Pakistsn in the next decade in light of USA's interest in this region?

  24. These indians are bad they have pet persons combing all blogs,or websites,manoj padhi,a vishvas,a dr baliram,a padma rao,and now a shehkar,not to miss the neel chap.

  25. I am glad you took no offence Naveed.
    On July 30, 2008, the New York Times reported that the United States had confronted Pakistan with evidence of involvement of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in the recent bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. ISI's involvement with Islamic radicals dates back to the 1970s. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Advisor for President Carter, initiated a campaign to support the Mujahedeen (the precursor of Taliban and Al Qaeda) in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which were run by the ISI with financial support from the CIA and Britain's MI6. In 1980, Brzezinski secured an agreement with the Saudi government to match dollar for dollar, the US support for the Mujahedeen. This policy had the explicit aim of promoting Islamic radicals (the Jihadis) to overthrow the secular government in Afghanistan. In 1998, in an interview he gave to the French newspaper Nouvel Observateur on the topic of Afghanistan, Brzezinski revealed that CIA support for the Mujahedeen had started before the 1979 Soviet invasion, as part of a strategy designed to draw the neighboring Soviet invasion to respond by invading Afghanistan. The Saudis in the mean time were busy funding Mosques and religious schools in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the bordering republics of the Soviet Union (Kyrghizistan, Kazakstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan).
    The US and Saudi funds helped finance, arm, and train the Afghan Mujahedeen groups which after the withdrawal of the Soviet army from Afghanistan, evolved into the Taliban and the Al Qaeda and took control of Afghanistan. Pakistani ISI continued to maintain close ties with these terrorist groups. After the Mujahedeen took control of Afghanistan, ISI focused its attention on expanding the activities of the Mujahedeen to the Indian state of Kashmir. The Mujahedeen, with the backing of ISI and Saudi funds, turned their attention to spreading their radical Islamic agenda around the world, and eventually ended up attacking the United States on September 11, 2001.
    AND dear Naveed,Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani!

  26. Shehkar:
    And what a flawed perception,so the fellow is being alleged to be a pakistani,so bloody what !your RAW is good enough to hire services of any one for hire,otherwise it should have been disbanded by now by your BRAHMANS -no SHEHKAR ?
    What of those countless american and british caught in similar cross fire ? KGB too was good at that, which created your lot, remember, your masters ??the fact sweet heart is,that i can quote you recorded instances from pre-1947 era,when your lot started your terrorist activites,remember the bomb blasts in our mosques in lahore, multan & peshawar,layyalpur etc etc,or how your lot killed the hundred of thousands in pre and post 1947 in kashmir alone,RSSS and aqal fauj of the sikhs whom you took for ride in the operation blue star in to our involvement in afghanistan in 1970's you are mixing the dates,till 1979 the end of 1970's your party was with soviets remember USSR,kindly also look up the year 1933 too,while you are at it,the year the bald headed Zahir Shah sat on the Kabul throne,and your lot proposed to him to send troops in the after-
    math, 1939 opened the doors,re collect subas chandra bose,and his japanese cum nazi germany connections,that was too good to miss,so your lot proposed to Zahir shah a present of KARACHI PORT,as a personal fief,for services rendered he was to keep quite,while the congress took over NWFP and made the khan of kalat a subservant to
    to the forth comming indian state,the same Map now being attributed to a colonel of US army,our northern areas were to be part of DOGRA rule who was to be part of indian rule,well the things did not quite work out did they ??? indians paid to keep Zahir Shah afloat, all through those 40 years,he did act the fool,no wonder used veto against us but did he succeed ?,he did end his days in Rome NO ??? do recall your buddies now dead and gone,babrak kamal,haiz ullah amin, noor mohammad tarakia,dr annahita,faizan ul haq,mohammad shah rahmat yar,mohammad asif ahang,mir mohammad sadeeq farhang,ismail mubaligh, and many more,your dehli held onto the petticoats of the moscow,indra flew TO MOSCOW, in August 1971 to get the one billion dollar aid to defeat us in East Pakistan,,they did comply with,poor soviets they never knew your chameleon tendencies did they ?? one pities those one billion who suffer your yoke,indian wealth is nothing new nor its collected armies,in the final analysis defeat is your FATE, history you can distort,but the fate none can,the moving finger writes the fate which cannot be paid us the gold dust tribute,for ages,so what you ride on shoulders ,empires come and go, civilizations can never cease.await the return of the cycle.your jogi's have already predicted your end.using our methodology of numbers.
    I hope you liked my rejoinder -SHEHKAR.

  27. Good essay though reading Mr Duff one gets an impression, one is reading the same article worded differently?