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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weighing a Win

It's not enough for Obama's strategy in Afghanistan to work; it has to be worth it.


  1. Was the "pretty good reason" for invading Afghanistan the belief that Osama bin Laden plotted the 9/11 attacks?

    But what evidence is there of bin Laden's responsibility for 9/11? The FBI apparently doesn't have enough evidence to charge him with it. And then there is bin Laden's own denial of involvement published by CNN on September 17, 2001. So, apart from some dubious audio and video tapes (made by Adam Gadahn, the grandson of an ADL board member, and found by Rita Katz, the daughter of a hanged Israeli spy), where's the evidence?

    I suggest you check out Arnaud de Borchgrave's 2001 interview with fmr. DG ISI Hamid Gul for a more plausible scenario.

  2. the writer very neatly eluded the name of other countries where a possible terror attack can emerge.........INDIA.
    it takes the name of yemen, somalia , then bam......pakistan!

    i appreciate his efforts to sell to us the idea that bin laden was the top priority for starting the war, and there isnt any hard evidence against him.

    BUT..........he doesnt seem to be bothered by the ongoing manslaugter of afgans, many of them innocent civilians at the hands of the foreign invaders there in the form of US and NATO.

    he seems to be more concerned with the "expenses" the war is causing them.

    in the end it all comes down to the same much can u get in return of waging a war on a country. be it in the form of minerals as he quoted were NOT the reason to start the war, OR any other form.

    the idea behind the whole war is NOT bin laden,NOT minerals or energy reserves, NOT taliban, ............the ONLY reason for this war is the nuclear program of a leaderless nation, a nation whose unity has proved to be lethal in the past as well.

  3. I do agree with the writer on the account when he says US needs to rethink her priories.And when he says that it strikes me as exceedingly unlikely that eight years later we'd have tens of thousands of American soldiers attempting to improve governance and resolve political instability in Afghanistan. That we failed back then, and that the distraction of Iraq prevented us from stabilizing the country when it might have been easier, doesn't change the fact that it's currently a strange mission we're undertaking.

  4. In response to Faisal's comment jumping to the name of PAKISTAN in regard to TERRORISM, is due to ISRAEL, an occupying force that has openly vowed that it will not tolerate any other country (in the Muslim world) to posess nuclear weapons or technology. Thus the only way to get even is to defame and light up the fires of terrorism now through Blackwater or XE's presence on Pakistani Soil, with the explicit knowledge of the "Sold to Devil" leaders of the country.
    B. Syed

  5. its not just Isreal, Bashir. its the "axis of evil" :-) with several other vultures gathered round to chew on the remains. the axis i refer to is US,ISRAEL,INDIA.

    each one of them have their own reasons to hate us or get benefits from disturbances here.

    the voices heard over the western media about how a stable pakistan is in their interests, is just to fool the general public.

    a stable pakistan has never been their priority. just like it wasnt in '71.

    as regards as blackwater/xe worldwide's presence in pakistan, visas in the approximity of around 450 (what i heard) issued after much resistance from the ISI. in response, only one visa issued to the pakistani official. out of these 450 how many will be "marines"?? is anybody's guess.

    on a side note.........they already have signed the agreement with blackwater for security in afganistan. obviously they wont be there to "hunt" bin laden.

  6. The United State should not destroy herself economically as the cost on war is negatively impinging upon its domestic priorities such as improving the fast deterioraiting highway network, schools and dwindling social services to kill Osama. It is a bad bargain.
    How long this wild goose chase for Osama would continue until American turns bankrupt? America can do the job of finding their archenemy through a spy network and through informers around the world. In Afghanistan, it is Karzai government, which is American surrogate.
    Therefore, even if troops are withdrawn, America can continue the proxy war by giving all support to this government. Is it necessary to keep the troops, get them killed, and suffer materially and economically? Counltess American families are passing through a trauma due to their dear ones killed or maimed in this futile war.

  7. I see this very clearly:
    United States HAS to get out of Afghanistan.
    The question is not IF but WHEN .
    They want a face saving.