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Sunday, August 29, 2010



Pakistan (Veterans Today exclusive)  Informed sources in the Government of Pakistan have told Veterans Today that they are developing “hard evidence” indicating  the Jet Blue Airbus 320 that crashed July 28th outside Islamabad was a terrorist hijacking  tied to rogue American security forces operating inside that country. 
Sources indicate that the plane crash was an unsuccessful hijacking attempt  intended to crash into the nuclear  weapons facility at Kahuta, outside Islamabad.  Such an attack may have been blamed on India and would likely have led to retaliation which could easily have escalated to a nuclear exchange between these two nations that have spent decades at each other’s throats.
Suspicions were raised inside Pakistan’s military and intelligence organizations when American military contractors employed by Blackwater/Xe showed up on the scene immediately after the crash, seizing the black box and “other materials.”  There is no confirmation that parachutes or electronic equipment had been removed when Blackwater/Xe security relinquished control of the crash scene to Pakistani investigators.   
Royal Television in Islamabad, owned by the brother of the head of Pakistan’s powerful JI (Jamate Islami), the Islamic political party, has reported that investigations are underway tying American based contractors to the planning of the attack.
Pakistan’s ISRP (Inter-Services Public Relations) has failed to confirm this but private sources indicate that an active investigation of these allegations is, not only underway but has established ties between an American group and the hijackers. 
Military and intelligence officials inside Pakistan, in concert with the American embassy, are withholding all official details of the investigation and are likely to continue doing so.
This same facility had been the subject of an armed penetration by American contractors, believed to be employed by the State Department, in 2009.  Four Blackwater employees, armed and possessing explosives were arrested outside the Kahuta nuclear facility in 2009.  The four, driving a Jeep 4×4 and possessing advanced surveillance and jamming equipment of Israeli manufacture, were intercepted 1.5 miles from the Kahuta nuclear facility. 
The four spoke fluent Pushtu and were dressed in a manner as to resemble Taliban fighters.  The order for their release, given by Minister of the Interior Rehman Malik, is an issue of considerable controversy between the civilian government in Pakistan and the powerful military.
The passenger jet with 152 on board slammed into a hillside in what was believed to be Pakistan’s most serious air crash.  At least 2 Americans were believed to be on board but, a month later, the US Embassy in Islamabad has left this unconfirmed.  Reports received today, however, confirm that at least 5 Americans, military contractors said to be employed by Xe, may also have been on the craft but could not be identified as they had been traveling in local garb and had boarded with false identification. 
Xe is an American based military and intelligence contracting firm formerly known as Blackwater and has been the subject of considerable controversy for activities inside Sources indicate that the attackers stormed the cockpit in a hijacking attempt.  The pilot is said to have jammed the flight controls, careening the Airbus 320 and all aboard into a hillside rather than allowing the plane to be used in a “9/11″ type attack inside Pakistan or flown into Indian air space for a repeat of the 2008 Mumbai attack.
Pakistan has, at times in error, referred to American contractors employed by the Departments of Defense, State or the Central Intelligence Agency as Blackwater.  However, it is believed the majority of such employees are, in fact, members of that organization or is derivitive, Xe. 
The same group, often criticized for irregularities in Iraq, has been contracted by the  Central Intelligence Agency to operate Predator drones inside Pakistan, operations that have resulted in a significant number of civilian deaths and said by political leaders of several factions to do little but recruit terrorists.Pakistan.
(The Writer is Senior Editor of VETERANS TODAY).
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  1. Gordon,I think it was the heavy jammers by BLACKWATER set up that screwed up the plane's system.

  2. Dear Gordon Duff
    You have quoted Royal TV as a source. Royal TV has no standing as a News Channel, neither thereby does it command a decent viewership.In the shoe throwing incident while Zardari was in UK, owing to its political affiliation that U yourself state,ROYAL TV was one of the 3 news channels which overplayed it most negatively.The other two were ARY & GEO. So Royal has its own axe to grind.I would not bet on their news reporting!

  3. Forgot to state: All 3 of the channels were shut down by Govt.

  4. How sad We still do not know from Liaquat Ali Khan to Zia to even BB??
    When u sell your soul to the devil what do u expect?
    Guess we will never know the truth! Ekbal

  5. Many things wrong here..

    1. why would hijackers wait for plane to be diverted by ATC before attempting hijack..?
    2. it is only a couple of minutes from airport to kahuta by air..why would they cut it so close...?
    3. b/water or xe would have no idea where the plane would crash and no way they would have reached the site before the locals did..has anyone asked the locals who reached there first...?
    4. Gen Nadeem of NDMA claims he was over the site in a light heli soon after the crash and observed the rescue operation.
    5. b/water is in pak just for the afghan operation and for quick action in case key afghan Taliban are spotted and to take them out...i do not think the army would tolerate them for any other role in the country.
    it is time we stopped swinging at shadows and got down to our real business...fixing up our own house...

  6. Oh c'mon Gordon.A long shot. Get out of conspiracy theories all over willya?

  7. The aircraft (AP-BJB) was on a scheduled domestic flight from Karachi to Islamabad, Pakistan when it crashed during approach in a hilly area near the airport. The aircraft was completely destroyed in the crash, and all 146 passengers and six crew members were killed. The crash occurred at 9:45 am local time, and there was rain in the area at the time of the crash.
    I share a link of the crash here:

  8. Sharing link:
    I completely agree with Asad's comments above.Maybe Duff would like to take the questions raised by him? ONLY then one can clear the issues raised by the questions.

  9. PM Gilani expressing grief said they do not suspect terrorism. The plane was off course when it crashed. Likely reason are the Blackwater jammers which made the pilot miscalculate.

  10. actually i wouldnt be surprised if its the work of the blackwater/xe-inc. members.

    someone said that they are here only to look after the Taliban operations.

    dont think so. if that were the case, they would be needed in the federal capital (including all the major cities of the provinces). their presence in these areas indicate that something else is going on.

    personally i believe that the Taliban operations is just a front. the real agenda is something else.

    and our government's role in this whole ordeal is nothing less than shameful.

  11. dont think so. if that were the case, they "WOULDN'T be needed in the federal capital (including all the major cities of the provinces).

    sorry for the typo mistake.

  12. as for conspiracy theories.........

    liaquat ali khan's assasination, to Bhutto's hanging, to Zia's "accident", to Asif nawaz's "accidental" death, to BB's assasination, all are conspiracy theories that link the US directly to these murders.

    yeah right.

    give me a cave to live in, caveman's dress, his tools, and then i'll believe that the US is NOT involved in these cases.

  13. All of the so-called evidence given in this report is hearsay. Mr. Duff doesn’t give any references to back up his claims in this report or any of his work that I have seen. There is no way to check-out his “insider” reports from the field. The plane crashed during the height of the monsoon that became Cyclone Phet, perhaps that was the real culprit?
    Mr. Duff’s comments about “four Americans…intercepted 1.5 miles from the Kahuta nuclear facility.,” and that they were ordered released by Rehman Malik, refers to 5 Americans arrested in Sargodha, I think.
    These dumb kids, alleged to be Blackwater, got 10 years.

  14. Gordon Duff is a nice guy. He is very well informed about Pakistan and Pakistanis and also their opinion about America. He knows that whatever the result of the investigation, somehow Pakistani man in the street is ultimately going to blame America for the crash. So it seems, he has forestalled them all this time and voluntarily taken it on to himself (I mean his country)..............lolol.

  15. The conjecture of the author is far-fetched and far from truth. At best, it is sensational concoction, and made to look an investigative spicy story.