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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Nation of Petty Shopkeepers: Naveed Tajammal

This is a Pakpotpourri2 Exclusive

Napoleon Bonaparte, was correct in his assessment when he termed the British as a nation of petty shopkeepers. The traits of that nation have still not changed, and so, to understand the bombastic outburst of DAVID CAMERON, you have to understand the reason why? The display of fangs and the lashing of the twin-forked tongue took place, in Dehli.It was merely a sales pitch to please a customer. India. So the representative of Once Powerful Sole Power, where the sun never set, was groveling before, the half naked Fakirs, to sell some items produced.
The Indian navy of late has been thinking of replacements of its left over vertical takeoff  naval, BRITISH MADE, Harrier jets, these jets had been bought inbetween,1983-1985, 40 in number at a tag price,’ then “of $18 million each. As the Indians had bought two vintage, British aircraft carriers, HMS-HERCULES which had been re-named as INS-Vikrant and the other HMS-HERMES, as INS-Viraet, the lousy Indian pilots have lost 29 of the 40 jets bought, Which is a loss to Indian exchequer of $ 522 million, but who cares, the Indians have to maintain a face too, hence the scramble for more. The Indian navy and India itself, wants to flex its muscle power, and keeping that in view the harsh harangue of Cameron, all in line of a sales pitch, the main item which is to be sold to the Indians is the Queen Elizabeth class-aircraft carrier, with a current price tag of Pounds 2 billion, kindly bear in mind that one billion in British currency has 12 zero’s the American has nine. So that will be the amount, to be paid by the Indian government, just for the Aircraft Carrier, with it will come the , additional demand for more jet Harrier’s at the current prices, both the old vintage Indian 1957 model aircraft carriers had a capacity of twenty each, but their tonnage varied from 23000 tons to 28,000, but the new Queen Elizabeth  is of 65,000 tonnage, it is anybody’s  guess, as to how many new Harrier jets will be needed for this new TOY.So, it is just not the strings attached with the new sales but the Question of After sales and the supply of spare parts.India now wants to embark from the role of, a, self proclaimed regional power, to be declared as a new Global Power.

The other major factor is that the Aqua Bombs being built on our three rivers, Indus, Chinab & Jhelum are to be ready by 2014.So the buildup, is a prelude to  the future. What to speak of Terrorism, Cameron, forgets the British Act of 1800, by virtue of which since then the Irish have been under the Hob- nailed Boots, of the English, the violent history since then speaks volumes, should one care to look in ones backyard.
No, David Cameron?

(The writer has over 26 years of experience in Investigative Historical Research).


  1. Not just in his own backyard, david cameron should also look in his own closet as well. and see what he hides (or not) there.

    one people's mutiny, another's freedom movement.

  2. in the search for becoming a "global" "power", the Indian governments are one day going to bend their own people's back. pick up as much weight as you can, or its gonna break your back.

    the hunt is on.
    as someone suggested, open season (for game) for pakistan , these past few days. one disaster after another.
    some natural, others, well.

    the nation will forgive the higher ups, including politicians, if they even think now for the country from a common man's perspective.

  3. now that the President has moved on with his set schedule to visit Europe, i hope he stays true to his word. and looking eye to eye with the british PM, tells him exactly what he deserves.

  4. as for Napoleon's saying...............the British were once known as "pirates" by their adversaries that challenged them in the seas.(including Dutch and Portuguese)

  5. They have their own vested interests..."Yahoody O Nassara O Hunood kubhi bhi tumhaaray daost nahi hao suktay" but still those who think that they can ever be our friends and well wishers they living in fools paradise..i am not amazed not perterbed nor stunned on how David Cameron or Hillary clinton or anyone else of the lot spit their mouthfull of fire on us.. i am only more and most concerened on what that bunch of our own idiots is doing? Especially when they all very well know waht is the ultimate faith of so known friends of America and UK no less than like that Shah e Iran Raza Shah Pehlvi..

  6. Your article made me smile.Napolean was an exceptional man.We do not associate with military genius, as a general rule, marked intellectual qualities in other spheres. But Napoleon was an exception to this rule. He was tolerably well educated, and he possessed considerable critical powers in art, literature, and science. He penetrated through all shams and impostures. He was rarely deceived as to men or women.
    Napoleon called Britain a nation of shopkeepers. He probably meant it as an insult......UK was producing a lot those days...but Cameron acts like the pansari of back street!
    Well said Naveed.

  7. British prime minister David Cameron wants to drive his country out of the “global economic carnage” that has ravaged Western economies over the past few years. And he is looking towards India for this.
    On the first day of his three-day visit to India, Cameron went all out to woo India to enhance business ties with Britain, which is mired in massive trade deficit and rising unemployment rate.
    UK’s youngest prime minister in 200 years said he was a “practical politician” who went for “obvious” solutions.
    Cameron made it clear India would contribute considerably in tackling economic malaise. “India represents an enormous opportunity for British companies. Already our trade relationship is worth £11.5 billion a year. But I want us to go further,” he said.
    He expects his country’s ties with India to “drive economic growth upwards and unemployment figures downwards”.
    So you are Bull's Eye Tajammal.

  8. Crisp, gloves off, hard hitting piece Mr Tajammal. You are correct Sameeh. Cameron is on record for saying:“Indian companies employ 90,000 people in the UK. Many more jobs in Britain exist thanks to the activities of British companies in India. I want to see thousands of more jobs created in Britain and India too, though trade” .
    Selling your wares Cameron?

  9. I am in receipt of a mail by Zubair :
    I fully agree with Naveed and DO NOT blame the British PM for what he said. Afterall, call him what you may but the fact is that he is British PM and NOT Pakistani PM. So why the hell should he care for our sentiments pr security/interest. It is upto our own "democratically" elected Govt which to look after Pakistan's interests and take into account Pakistani sentimentalities. The ground reality is that while we discuss the British attitude, our President is on a family vecation in Britain---------THAT is what must worry us and not what David said about us. After years of haggling, he was able to close a deal on 60 Hawk advanced Jet trainers---why should he not pamper India? If we are out to give transit facilities to India at the expense of our own securities, other countries don't compromise on their interest. Pakistan is going through the worst crisis of our history with the terrorist knocking at our doors supported by the whole world including our "allies" AND ove a million displaced by unprecedentd floods while our President has gone on vecation. I saw Al jazeerra TV last night and the lady was asking exactly the same question-----why is Pakitani President out on a 5 star vecation when thousands are dying in the country---has anyone got an answer?????????

  10. I am in receipt of a mail by Mr Mushtaq Piracha from Dublin:
    The English may be a nation of shopkeepers but they certainly are a crafty and cunning lot otherwise they could not have ruled half the world. They do what they have to do to achieve their national objectives without any qualms. The question is how has the Pakistan government responded to Cameron's harangue? The foreign office invited the British ambassador to an afternoon cup of tea and a chit-chat. Our President decided, much against the will of the nation, to pay his respects to the British PM! Our leaders have their own interests and agendas. The nation's respect is very low on their list of priorities! The civil society has no voice or street power and our leaders could not care less for it. The only institution that can nudge our leaders in the right direction is the Army . Its advice will receive the right kind of attention and save the nation from future international embarassments!

    Mushtaq Piracha

  11. Excellent article. But I will strongly agree with Mushtaq Piracha. OUR LEADERS NEED A REDIRECT.
    Plus I share Habib Haq's mail here:

    Brilliant Exposé by Naveed.
    Bet you, those shameless petty shopkeepers won’t give a damn even if
    stripped naked in front of the mirror or in public. They must sell
    their merchandize, come what may.

  12. I have no doubt the author is a patriot but instead of taking out ire on India or Cameron, try taking it out on your own leaders.
    India is the regional power of tomorrow & nothing you pakis can do to stop that.We've worked while you guys lazed around.Whether it is education,or production,or media projection. Pakistan cannot compare.The proof is the British P M coming groveling to us.Why not Pakistan?Why not any other country?
    India's growing economy and key role in the G20 means that it is emerging as an important international player on the global stage.
    Nothing will change that!

  13. Brilliant Exposé by Naveed. Always putting things in their right perspective, and always something to learn from there.
    Bet you, those unscrupulous, petty shopkeepers won’t give a damn even if
    stripped naked in front of the mirror or in public. They must sell
    their merchandize, come what may.
    David loudmouth thrives in the knowledge his "BACK-yard" was licked squeaky clean, as his outburst was only pointed AT the backside-kissing shameless "democratic leaders" of a hapless people who could be best treated as such, anyway.
    Of course the shrewd Brits know very well as to which side their bread is buttered.

  14. Well Shehkar you are WRONG.
    Pakistan has made huge developments.Yes, there are issues.But do you want to say India has no issues? You have your separatist movements, inshallah we will see India balkanised soon, there is electricity shortages not for the past few months but YEAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Smaller cities/villages are given electricity ONLY once power outrages occur in big cities.
    The dream of India to become a regional power will stay a dream. You guys follow pro Hindu policies. You call yourselves secular but are not.
    As for UK coming to you,They are the "CHOTA" of USA. They follow the same policies. Make no mistake,the role you want to play belongs to China.
    Nothing can change that.

  15. What Shekhar seems to be saying is, "size does matter". Well may be, may be not.But Shekhar look honestly at your country, it has all the problems and inadequacies you see in Pakistan, multiplied by ten. So, when you fall you will break into pieces ten times as many. Keep your irrational exuberance in check dear Shekhar.

  16. I share a mail by Zahid Abdullah:
    Hi Yasmeen,

    Could you please put the following comments on your blog as I don't know how to work with these blogs.

    While our frustration at what the British PM said in India to clinch the business deal by pleasing Indians, regarding Pakistan, is understandable, we should refrain from making racist remarks like 'Nation of Petty Shopkeepers'. Such racist remarks take the focus away from otherwise good arguments you have made.
    all good things,


    Zahid Abdullah

    Program Manager
    Transparency and Access to Information Program
    Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, Pakistan (CPDI)
    105-Park Towers, F-10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan

  17. Excellent assessment. However the PM being in power after more than 15 years and that too a coalition is struggling to create an impact. never the less i have seen British pm, Prince Charles and even queen take such good will trip particularly to middle east the her majesty ship stays in water and heads of Arab state visit on lavish dinners and sale of gun boats and other arms are negotiated by the, visiting delegation. However Mr. Cameroon statement and after the Pakistan army strong reaction still insisting to stand on his comments i my opinion is a calculated plan encouraged by Americans to push Pakistan to commit more forces in north Waziristan. Us needs to get out from Afghanistan starting July 2011, to improve the American public opinion. For Pakistan this the last chance to extract the best economic price for our destruction. GRK thanks Almighty we have a top cool and calm general navigating the ship.

  18. Dear HH I was quite amused by your loving note.The FACT remains dear HH & Ibrahim that its your country that is exporting terrorism, its your country with the economy nose diving, its your country being black named.....not us!
    Cheers to your both.

  19. India has its own terrorism problems. whats when the judiciary brings in MCOCA law to be used against the in-service military-cum-terrorist Col.Purohit. alongwith other terrorists like Sadhvi Thakur and her accomplices.

    also, the butcher of gujarat, who was denied "chums" UK's visa after his shameful part in genocide in his state.

    babri mosque demolished at the hands of crazed lunatics and extremists to name just a few examples.

    as to UK coming to India and not Pakistan, the poverty stricken country with plenty of cheap labor is what caught their eye.

    China is the regional elder, and will remain so. even if US and UK send their delegates once again to rule India.

  20. Shekhar, I guess you too are 1000 years old as is the predominant Indian psyche.Shun this crazy thought that you can leap at every opportunity of taking your revenge against history now in these modern times for your past total subjugation.Let bygones be bygones.Let us look forward together and solve the myriad issues we both are facing .India is no better than us. You are ruled by dynastic, political mafias and you know it. You have the same problems as do we, albeit the scale in your case is much larger, proportional to your unwieldy ,unnatural,blabbering SIZE.
    Don't jump the gun ,goodly Shekhar, please.

  21. Great piece. I totally agree with this. Pakistanis need to do more to fend off Indian and Western propaganda against our country instead of turning to nutcases like Zaid Hamid.

    Well written. Keep it up.

  22. (1) I=Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A , I must say that Pakistan Government =Army are real gentleman they are great people of great nation ,
    (2) As I Know that Pakistan army consumed 80 =70+10 billions $ on counter terror =Eighty b $ from there pocket =Budget from past 2000 to till now 03-08-2010 , on counter terror to kill Al Quida ,Taliban , Militants , extremes , Pakistan Government =Army people are honest Hard working result orient , Muslims
    (2) if they were want they can buy Like India !!?? defense good , Nuke goods= cash buy = no other mean !!??
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    (5) India buy will 14 Nuke submarines =14 Billions $ from Russia ,France , UK ,USA fro that also USA,EU people needy !!?
    (6) India will buy 8 =7+1 C17 global carrier =8 Billions $ , India buy already 100 hoke Jet =Harrier jets = HMS-HERCULES =HMS-HERMES , form UK of 1.09 billions $ !! these all in total are just = 64 Billions $ !!??
    (7) India now have 10 Nuke reactors !!?? have 60 Nuke bombs !! and have Agnii missiles II Grade =nuke bombs capable , III grade is in process range 7500 kms to 12000 Kms !!??
    (8) notable things is The Tribes of Af-Pak border were never accept them self as either Afghani or Pakistani , they never ,like to controlled by any government of any nations from past 65 years or 1000 years or 2000 years they , they are like Mad , afghan or Pakistan any person fear to reached in this regions they know once they reached there they will be hostage then no free man !!?? its not from 2000 but its from past 1930 it self !!??
    (9) They Pakistan Army = killed 2000 Al Quida people from past 2009 Jan to till now , they killed 2500 Taliban from 2009 Jan to till now , they killed 1000 Extremist form past 2 years !!?? they are not doing Assam Kashmir like !!? attack on civil ,innocent Kashmri ,assamiii , those are just protestors =taker !!?? and facing Bullets of Indian =Hindu !!?? yes they are not Indian Hindu or Muslims !!?? what about India!!?? =, Orissa 2008 christen genocide , live burn gang rape ,murder ,kill looting , and full support from Indian Police =Hindu police to rioter ,killer ,looter !!?? Karnataka 2008 ,Chatiisgarh 2007-2008 christen genocide 2002 Gujarat march , genocide !!??

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  29. I share a mail from Farzana Shah:
    Sir its spot on. The visit and statement of Cameron is nothing more than proving petty shopkeeping side of Brits.

    Nothing is changing other than the verbiage. The verbiage is changing because Cameron has decided to try and stake out a comprehensive economic relationship with India, and to win India over he needs to shift the 'optics' to highlight how the UK can be a friend.

    BAe and Rolls Royce bagged a £700m deal for 57 Hawk training jets.

    The Tory leader was heading the largest trade delegation ever. It includes six ministers, among them Chancellor George Osborne, Foreign Secretary William Hague and Business Secretary Vince Cable.

    There are also more than 30 senior executives from multinational corporations based in Britain, including BAe Systems, Vodafone, Barclays Bank, the Aviva insurance group, 3i private equity group and construction giant Balfour Beatty.

    So yes sir quite right Brits are the nation of petty shopkeepers but it remains to be seen for how long they are going to compete with Russia, Israel and recently US coupled with France and Sweden viz a viz sale of military hardware.

    On another note i wonder if these suppliers will have to create circumstances to strike defence phobia in bhartis for keep on selling these. It seems they have to :) and that would be and is biggest factor these suppliers wont want India as Global power.


    Jana Shah

  30. I am sharing 2 more mails:
    1- Ghulam Rasul Khatri: YES ITS VERY TRUE.
    2-Col Shahbaz:These dam shopkeepers ruled over us for over hundred years;build all modern facilities;took us into next century;it is our leaders who are enjoying in UK/France.The English rulers in khaki or civil stood by their black subjects in rain /hail storm/war or peace.Lord Clive with 1200 British&2200 Indian troops defeated 50,000 cavalry in addition to the infantry/arty;by bribing Mir Jafars in defeating Nawab sirajuddaula in battle of plassey. Let us not blame David Cameron after his great grand father William lay Cameron Massacred Hundreds of Muslims in 1857.
    We need to stand up instead of crying over split milk.
    Napoleon was also defeated by the shopkeeper duke of Wellington in WATER LOO!
    Muhammad Shahbaz Thuthaal

  31. India is a better market than Pakistan for British military hardware so their tilt towards India is natural. Let's accept it. About the comments of Mr. Cameron, Let's ignore it.

  32. What a DROP from Winston Churchill to David Cammeron, its like going from a V8 Caddillac to a Fiat 500..Same can be said of Ahmadinejad of Iran fro a Dignified blue blooded Shah of Iran to a Street Oerson...also from Gen Ayub Khan to Zardari? whats happening to the World are we ina "Twilight Zone" or What? Mr Cammerron reminds me of a Junior H.S Graduate with no depth

  33. About Hob nobbing with the Talibans it is a out and out lie the US Administration has simply IGNORED it and have moved on with Business as usual , while Mr Camerron reacted like an Immature person with no depth?How come the US administration didnt make a "Big Deal" about it and havent even Twitched and are helping Pakistan with its Floods while UK is just sitting there Ignoring the Whole Serious Calamity that has befallen on poor Pakistan..Get over it and lets move Forward

  34. tilt is natural or not towards India, do it between themselves. not bring in and slam others, especially the ones who they hate from the core of their hearts!

    to Col. Shahbaz's response. they stood by their black subjects, yes, but they also were the ones who provided cow-fat dipped cartridges to their Hindu subjects, and pork-fat dipped cartridges to their Muslim subjects. It is also the gora sahab (civilians) who left us in the mess of Kashmir and other princely states in the first place.

    @arif.............churchill to cameron?? agreed.

    shah to ahmedi nijad???? the one who ruled like the present crop of pakistani leaders and was more loyal to their Western friends than his own people??? there was a reason the overthrow of Shah is called "revolution". for the wrong or right reasons, it was still a revolution.

    there is a difference between ayub and zardari . yes. but still, we cant forget he was called a "dog" by one of his own family children. (after which he finally resigned) he was called that for some reason.

    he was also the person who brought 22 families together and gave them free hand to rule the country.

    all i am saying is, none of these past leaders was a saint. so please dont present them in this light.

  35. Well rather than to blame uk or india we should rethink our selves and redesighn our policies.we should make our country rich so that we we can buy shopkeepers like uk and milliterily we should be that much strong that we can nail down india...our biggest enemy.pakistan is a great nation and we should start thinking as a nation

  36. Mujeeb:I quite agree with you,yes we should stand as one Nation,and Not as laid in our Constitution,WHEREIN is the clause of Federation,the Legacy of the Act of 1935.which we still adhere to,whereas we had never been a Federation till this was imposed on us,and like fools we still stick to it,that is the cause of trouble.
    Arif:well said sir,with reference to Churchill and Cameron,one launched the ships to save the Crown the other is Selling the ship,to keep the crown afloat.
    Faisal:On the rest i quite agree with your view points,the past actions of poor leadership cannot be distorted,the knave and saint are two separate things.
    A pakistani :How can we ignore the remarks of Cameron,or his Accusations,when we know the reason of slander.
    Col.SHAHBAZ: sir,you forget we had no nexus with the players of Clive,times,by then we had been free from dehli for almost,18 years.i.e 1857 Ahmed Khan Kharal did RISE, with his Ravi tribes,sadly we had been depopulated by then in view of repeated invasions,and massacres,since 1739.That is why the British had in 1886 brought in Waves of peasants from the EAST OF Amritsar till dehli,the birth of Nine canal colonies.another important factor was from 1849 till 1853 the British had dismantlement all our forts, from khyber to karachi. those in khaki and the solar hats who stood,by-the british all along where never from our lot,we had been the bad boys, so remained good for the canon- fodder,on that score i need not educate you SIR.
    Napoleon was a good Nationalist,waterloo's all have in the end.but a fight he always,did, put up,it is,for, that he is remembered, it was not just that DUKE,who won that day, but the whole Europe was on his back.hence it is NO victory.

  37. Dear Pakis

    what pakis are doing in Britain, why don't they come back to their pak-land? Why are they doing in 700000 nos?
    Kashmir and pak army is greatest stategic assets for india. Kashmir will keep Army in politics and pakistan will go down and down...
    If inshallah is every thing why your PM is begging after flood, inshallah it happened.

    We are happy to see you believe that India will break in several parts, can you give a time-frame to yourself? 5, 10 , 20 years till India Balkanize and let us see what your Inshallah does.
    Your foreign policy and internal policy is in indian hand and thanks your army for being our agent.
    We want Pakistan to stuggle for even basic governance and ruining your economy. Your country runs on aid or your are already bankrupt.

  38. It's sensational post. I liked it.