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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Message to UN Secretary General By a Patriotic Pakistani

By: Ghulam Rabbani Khan    

Your Excellency,
Welcome to Pakistan. I strongly urge you that all the material assistance may kindly be delivered to Pakistan Army Centres, who have the best logistics (storage capacity), transportation by boats, helicopters and aircrafts.

I also request that your liasion office in Islamabad should consider buying maximum goods from the local markets, as our industries know what are the products most urgently and can be consumed because of it will accelerate the economic activity in the country.

This will assist a lot the industrial base in major cities like Karachi, Lahore and other cities which are not affected by the floods and can start working 24/7 to produce which means accelerating the economic activity in the country.

Thanks in advance for your consideration to visit and see with your own eyes the devastation caused by the recent floods and I am afraid to add that the worst is yet to come.

Ghulam Rabbani Khan
(The writer is member of


  1. Sharing a mail from Mr Khalid:
    GRK this is excellent. But the UN system has international contractors who participate in competitive bidding. Pakistan is one of the major supplies of tents in the world. Has tremendous capacity to produce. Pakistan made tents are used all over the world. But the process of winning a bid is something UNSG has no hold on.

    As for handing all the goods to the Army, our civilian bureaucracy and politicians will not allow it. This even other wise is a second tier work to be handled by GOP and UNSG will not like to have any thing to do with it.

    I know the UN system, was there myself for a decade or so.

  2. Crisp. To the point. Do you think he NEEDED to come? Maybe. Maybe not. Unless & until funds are used for purpose SENT, it will not work.

  3. I completely agree with Mr Khan that goods must be given to Army. However, rebuilding of bridges, roads etc has to be a civil affair, and we know if funds are given where THAT will go?
    Also, I support Mr Khan regarding supporting the local economy by placing orders to pick it up.
    Well said!

  4. His coming to Pakistan is a welcome gesture. It will highlight the gravity of the situation and draw world attention towards relief effort needed.

  5. Like other developing countries, Pakistan inherited a pre-dominantly rural economy with little industrial activities on the eve of independence. As a result, recourse to inflow of foreign investment was inevitable. The industrial policies of 1948, 1959 and 1984 highlighted the role of foreign investment and the Government encouraged this inflow with various concessions and facilities. The objectives of industrial policies pursued from time to time were expansion in industrial production, export and employment, training of technical personnel and ultimately the improvement of standard of living of the people. Maximum emphasis was laid on private enterprises in the development of the economic resources of the country barring brief interregnum of the first half of 1970s.

    Since Pakistan's economy is predominantly agricultural, the Government has been placing emphasis on industrial development. Foreign participation has been particularly welcomed in industries which are eigther highly technical such as electrical and petro-chemical complexes or industries where modern technology is required such as electronics and pharmaceuticals. As there has been notable shortage of foreign exchange in the country, the Government has been encouraging foreign participation in export-oriented and import-substitution industries.
    In the past 2 years or so, foreign investors are hesitant to place orders,first electricity outrages that make meeting orders on time difficult, two, increasing costs that makes producer unable to supply products as per price agreed and three, uncertain political situation . Though it is a noble thought,keeping the ground realities in mind, I do not see this happening,

  6. A lot can be achieved in two and a half decades. For an individual, its roughly one-third of the average lifespan. For a nation, its enough time for an entire generation to come through. A nation can be transformed from a marshy swamp into one of the largest economies of the world – as in the case of Singapore.
    Pakistan’s own ambitious JF-17 project was launched in partnership with China in 1995. In just eleven years and with just $500 million spent, the JF-17 was flying in Pakistani Airspace on March 23rd 2007 – with the maiden flight having taken place much earlier in 2003.
    Apart from smaller Air Forces, Egyptian and Iranian Air forces had confirmed interest in purchasing these aircraft from Pakistan.
    What has gone SO wrong in the past few years?
    On one hand we have issues,on the other hand, US continues to interfeare, wanting us to serve their interest at expense of our own.
    The UN Secretary General's visit may be welcome but they need to understand the core issue.
    How they go about helping Pakistan on 2 levels:
    1-Goods for relief(I agree with Ghulam khan on modes operandi here)and
    2-On rebuilding structures, how to assure funds given to the Govt are used transparently(maybe setting up a UN Supervisory team)?
    I agree with Ijaz Khan in his last para as to why roping in orders may be a tougher task.

  7. Under the circumstances makes a lot of sense

  8. Indeed grateful for the valuable comments of the readers. Even building bridges and roads can be assigned to Army. They have the best experience such as Frontier Works organization and of course NHA. The monitoring will have to be by a council of elders, I mean retired distinguished educationists, civil, foreign and judiciary as well as intellectuals and outstanding writers in our newspapers. They collectively can meet every three months to inspect the work progress and also setup a mechanism of getting inside information where somebody is trying to mess up.

    Rebuilding of the devastation is a tall order which will take at least 2 years. We all need to pool our thoughts.

    Ghulam Rabbani

  9. I don't know what the UN system is but I agree with the writer fully. I may add that all ,monetary assistance MUST be through our Army and NOT the "democratic" Govt which is likely transfer most of it to their own personal funds.

  10. I believe Al Khidmat organization is doing a commendable job at supplying necessities and feeding the displaced persons. Even the foreign media has envied their role, knowing their connection.

    With their stringent policies, we know where the funds will go - right where they are needed. They are manned by volunteers, who are dedicated to the cause.

  11. GRK it is a great suggestion. After reading the comments made so far,can anyone propose a way to ensure that the help does not end up in the pockets of our corrupt leaders?

  12. Sharing a mail from Mr F M Endrabi:

    This is the desire of all the Pakistanis.Least we can do is that it must reach UN Officials who matter in Policy making. They understan No Cash flow should be given to Pakistan all aid should come in kind.
    I am strong supporter of the thought that this should be given to Pakistan Army as an operation for following reasons:
    Army has the infrastructure to conduct rehabilitation all over Pakistan at one time.
    Speed is an essence.
    NDM is nothing except Gen Nadeem, they have no capability to tackle at one time all over Pakistan.
    All aid money should be placed at the disposal of Army which will remain in safe hands.
    It will be the best way. However GOP will remain the over all planner.
    We need to send such letter CRK to local UN office and may be an email abroad. We are not talking about contractors.

  13. I dont Care about the J17 Thunder which China has given us, Where are the ELECTRONICS? and can it Stand up to a 4th Generation Fighter? Its the FLOODS I am concerned about, they havent contributed a DIME to Pakistan??? so How is ut that they are our best friend? Maybe they dont trust PPP with the money in reaching the People??? at present The USA and the 1000Jarheads and 19 Helicopter arew ding a great Job Thanks to the USA

  14. the jarheads were not needed by us. especially with the ones among their list that were previously denied entry into pakistan.

    it was relief which is needed at this time. manpower, ? not.

    it is beyond me, why the insistence on visas when we want supplies. not marines/(private mercenaries)

  15. the US hasnt even provided us what we have lost at THEIR war since becoming allies in the so called war on terror.

    they refuse to acknowledge what we annually lose, and want us to be greatful what little dimes they can give us in return.

  16. I believe that Pak army is still doing a good job,they are professionals , well organised ,well organised ,well equiped, dedicated sons of the soil,we can see their visibility on the spot is great .There would be another option so for as politicians are concerned.Select one honest & reputed personalty from each political party to form a welfare organisation, monitored by the supreme court & UNO as trust a corroupt system would be a big mistake .

    Prof .S Iqbal

  17. I more or less agree with concerens and suggestions and the requests mr. Ghulam Rabbani khan has made directly to UN Secty General..In a way he has requested and have asked The Secretary General to directly Deal with people of Pakistan for the sake of Pakistanis rather than dealing with the GOVT Of Pakistan. In a way UN must directly take over all disaster mangement and relief operations and make the Govt of Pakistan totally irrelevant. How far it is possible who knows?